Mehrgodaz Refractories


Mehrgodaz refractories - HistoryThe need to create advanced refractory plants in parallel with the growth and development of existing refractory factories has been perceived in the view of the growth and prosperity of related industries (steel, cement, etc.) and other industries such as electricity and petrochemical industry in our country. In this regard, Mehrgodaz Refractories Company was established in Sefiddasht industrial zone of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province in 1997.

This company was redesigned and updated in 2002 based on the current conditions and needs of the consumer industries and the latest technological advances in the manufacture of refractory products (especially alkaline refractories). After selecting the equipment, they were installed and set up in less than a year. They were ready for operation in September 2004 with the production of magnesia-carbon bricks.

The annual production capacity of this factory was based on the original design of 20,000 tons of refractory products, including 15,000 tons of shaped products (bricks) and 5,000 tons of refractory masses (amorphous). In 2011, the expansion and renovation plan were carried out with the addition of a fully automatic 2500-ton press and the establishment of a production line for alkaline masses with a capacity of 10,000 tons per year. Therefore, the total production capacity of this unit reached 30,000 tons per year. Most of these products are used in the steel and non-ferrous metal industries.

Along with the completion of magnesium products and the achievement of the planned capacity, Mehrgodaz Company has decided to produce special heat shield bricks for the power plants. According to the urgent need of this industry and lack of support from foreign manufacturers to supply them, we signed a contract with the Electricity Development Organization in 2010. We implemented the project of producing bricks for the combustion chamber of gas turbines V94.2 using the knowledge of our skilled technical staff and intellectual R&D team.

In addition, a dedicated production unit for high alumina products has been built and set up for the production of parts with more than 90% AL2O3 since 2014. In 2016, the production of slide gate plates, lower and upper nozzles, tundish zirconia nozzles, and ladle purging system began in an experimental form due to the urgent needs of the Iranian steel industry and the lack of supplies by foreign companies. This project was put into operation in 2017 with the establishment of a separate production line which led to the first production of these parts in the Middle East.

This production line was inaugurated with an initial design to produce 200,000 pieces annually. With respect to the development plan projects, we recently achieved the annual production capacity of 650,000 pieces along with high quality. This meets the needs of the country’s steel industry for slide gate plates, ladle nozzles, well block and ladle purging plug, and tundish zirconia nozzles. In this regard, Mehrgodaz has the largest market share in the country.