Ladle slide gate

The main tasks of the slide gate system

  • Adjust the steel flow from the ladle to the tundish
  • Minimize the risk of steel re-oxidation
  • Efficient management of ladles during steel production

This system has four refractory components including upper nozzle, upper sliding plate, lower sliding plate, and lower nozzle, which should be available to steel manufacturers with the best production quality and reasonable price. In this regard, Mehrgodaz Refractories Company designs and provides a wide range of ladle slide gate refractories that can satisfy the steel industry needs by using the skills and experiences of its experts, having up-to-date equipment, and selecting high quality raw materials.

Mehrgodaz Company produces a wide variety of these parts by pressing and casting processes using alumina, alumina-graphite (AL-C) and alumina-zirconia-graphite (A-Z-C) compounds based on the customer’s expected goals.